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Greg & Louise




Our Story

Louise and I met at our previous workplace where the only time we spoke was at the airport, funny enough flights were always delayed.
Louise then came and joined me at Sabi Sabi where we became close friends. After spending more and more time
together we took it to the next step and now I am marrying my best friend.

October 22, 2022

Wedding Details

When & Where

Our ceremony and reception will be held at The Stone Cellar Wedding Venue - R23 Heidelberg Balfour Road, Heidelberg, Gauteng, 1441

"Find someone who is a home and an adventure all at once."

— E. Grin

The Day They Got Engaged

Ever Since I met Louise it has been her lifelong dream to go and see gorillas in Uganda. I had never even thought of doing such things so I thought I'd tag along. I took the opportunity of a lifetime on her dream trip to make it even more memorable by getting on one knee. I asked the woman of my dreams to marry me in the middle of a family of gorillas in the Bwindi forest.


We’re lucky enough to have nearly everything we need for our home already. And since neither of us has ever been outside of our Home Town, we want our honeymoon to be extra special! If you want to help make it unforgettable, you can contribute using the gift options below. If you would like to give us something to update our home, we’ve compiled a short registry as well.

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